Producing immersive and submersive experiences

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Upcoming Experiences

IDS Hangover Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, February 24th, 11am-1pm
The Embassy Network, 399 Webster St, San Francisco

Join us on Sunday morning after the Immersive Design Summit for pancakes and coffee! In addition to time to chat and connect, there will be a facilitated discussion for attendees to share what resonated with them from the weekend. Hosts Katya Stepanov (Rebis Immersive) and Christy Casey (Rorschach Experiences) focus their work on audience-driven experiences, so the discussion topics will focus on methods for audience engagement.


Inter-Acting: Techniques for Performing with your Audience

Monday, February 25th, 12-3pm
221 11th Ave, San Francisco

Come and learn performance techniques to connect with audience participant on a deeply personal level. This workshop will focus on grounding yourself and your participant, the first steps to connecting with them on a deep and personal level. These techniques will go beyond task-based engagements and game theory, to get audiences to lean into relationships with the characters and the emotional journey of the story. This work is the basis for "submersive" theatre, a new genre where audiences participants are empowered delve deeper into a fictional reality, with a level of control over the narrative comparable with that which they have over their own life.
This workshop is being offered as part of Immersive Design Week in San Francisco.